Nana by Hanne Willmann

As if you were sitting on clouds ...

Clear lines translated softly: The Nana chair is the symbiosis of inimitable softness and straightforward design language without flourishes. A chair that is to be understood as an homage to the art of furniture upholstery and, despite its voluminous look, impresses with its elegance and sophistication.

Nana - a design by Hanne Willmann

Hanne Willmann is responsible for the design, making her debut within the Freifrau design family. The Berlin-based product designer found the inspiration for the design language of Nana in soft and voluminous shapes. The maxim was to create something simple, perfect that pursues the aim of realizing a previously unknown seating quality. As if you were sitting on clouds ...


Freifrau: Dear Hanne, your CV reads like a fascinating journey around Europe. You were born and raised in northern Germany, you gained experience as a designer in Barcelona and Berlin, and you also spent some time in Istanbul. Yet you appear to have remained true to your roots, because your style is described as very Nordic. How would you yourself describe it? 

Hanne Willmann: I would tend to describe it as clear and honest. Above all else, however, as collaborative, because you always work on the design in conjunction with the brand. The idea for a product naturally comes from me, but it has to be right for the manufacturer. It has to tell their story and convey their values and incorporate the manufacturing techniques. All of my works are thus a symbiosis of my vision and the brand as I see it and as the company sees it. 

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