Collection  Leyasol by  Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

Leyasol Lounge Couch

Part of the Leyasol family

Design by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design
Cover Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Ash


  • 880 Height
  • 1600 Width
  • 850 Length
  • 420 Seat Height
  • 0 Seat Width
  • 530 Armrest Height


  • Seat Side - Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Ash
  • Back Side - Lopi, Ash

Frame Variant

  • Wire Frame

The perfect outdoor spirit.

Things often work out better in company.

Warm and cozy summer evenings on our new Leyasol Wingback Couch or the Leyasol Lounge Couch, for example. This addition is a clear consequence of the need to combine sociable communication with a cozy retreat. The new Leyasol Wingback Couch offers the usual comfort of the Leya Wingback Couch and, thanks to the weatherproof steel construction with removable upholstery, flexibility: All our leathers are available for indoor use, as well as many of our fabrics are available as reference and design frames. Brand new is a velvet fabric that can cover all Leyasol models for indoor use. Our proven outdoor fabrics make the couches ideal partners for unforgettable, long summer evenings and light-flooded days outdoors.

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