Collection  Rubie by  MurkenHansen

Rubie Armchair High

Part of the Rubie family

Design by MurkenHansen
Cover Opium, Kandis


  • 840 Height
  • 600 Width
  • 570 Length
  • 470 Seat Height
  • 690 Armrest Height


  • Seat Side: Opium, Kandis

Frame Variant

  • wooden support frame rotatable with auto-returnmechanism

Luxury lightness

There are very few pieces of furniture out there which manage to combine a luxurious look with a relaxed, laissez-faire feel in the same way as Murken Hansen’s Rubie Chair.

It was nothing more than a blanket slung over a wood chair which gave the Berlin design duo Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen the inspiration for their Rubie model – and its effect embodies this simplicity. At the same time, the strong design lines and its voluminous quilting seams give Rubie an unmistakable elegance of its very own. 

This interplay between opulence and simplicity means that Rubie is suited to all manner of everyday situations, from a cup of coffee in the morning to a festive dinner party in the evening – and everything in between.

Variability thanks to one-off production

Put your chair together individually. Information and advice on the individual execution of this product possible on request. Use our contact form.

Rubie Armchair High

Cover: Opera, Kies; Frame Variant: Wire Frame

Rubie Armchair High

Cover: Opium, Ebony ; Frame Variant: steel frame


3D-product configurator

Make it yours! Combine materials, covers and colors according to your wishes.

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