Our partner: JANUA

Our quality reflects from the highest demands.


Two brands one heartbeat.

From the outset, Freifrau is working together with the Janua brand, which develops solid wood furniture such as tables or sideboards. The Bavarian company develops and manufactures high-quality solid wood furniture and follows the same values that we have anchored in our philosophy.

A connection like this is unique in the furniture industry. It is more than a cooperation, more than a joint venture. Our feminine collection, in combination with Janua's tables with their strong character, forms a basis for room concepts that stand for longevity and sustainability.

Both companies are independent and autonomous - the connection comes from shared values, the courage to try something new and the boundless enthusiasm for innovative design. The daily collaboration meshes like a well-functioning cogwheel and is the driver for this cooperation, which has been able to achieve national and international success in a very short time. Two teams that think and act as one. Whoever takes a seat on a Freifrau chair at a Janua table feels the beauty of two brands in unison of a heartbeat.