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Freifrau visits Joern Kengelbach

If you’re looking for someone who defines the word ‘all-rounder’, you could do a lot worse than Joern Kengelbach. Starting in architecture, his career has taken him into the world of media. We visited him in his Hamburg home. 

At home with Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou is one of the hottest DJs in the electro scene. Describing herself and her style is difficult. However, being at home for her is a feeling of security and relaxation. We met Peggy in her Berlin apartment.

The "Rote Scheune" - a conversation with architect Thomas Kröger

Germany’s rural north-eastern Uckermark has seven buildings by award-winning Berlin architect Thomas Kröger. One of them is the Rote Scheune, once a cow byre and now a stylish holiday home which recently hosted a selection of our latest pieces and classic models.

Stella by Patrick Frey

Reduction to the essentials. The Stella model is a solid wood chair that impresses with its clear lines and reduction. Without sacrificing comfort.

Freifrau visits Katharina Herold

Hardly anything fits together in the gallery owner's Hamburg apartment, and yet it kind of does and you feel at home straight away. A smorgasbord of old and new, so beautifully put together that the eye can hardly rest. We visited Katharina Herold and talked to her about her most important message.

Producing a chair: Ona

Countless steps until the order becomes a finished chair. Starting with the tree trunk, the delivery of the fabric, the work of the seamstresses, upholsterers and up to the quality controls. In the video here using the example of Ona - designed by Sebastian Herkner. 

Freifrau visits BLAU

Axel Springer had lived in the apartment on Berlin´s famous boulevard Ku´damm until about 1978. In the meantime the apartment had been misused - noone lived there, it was only a storage for the publishing house´s security servers. 
Cornelius Tittel has now breathed life into the apartment again; it´s the editorial office of his magazine BLAU.

Floor Jewels: Carpets by Freifrau

With the carpet collection "Floor Jewels" Freifrau made it´s debut on showing products that is not a seating.

The motives show the beauty of opulent feathers. The carpets embellish the floors just as the featherings of birds. The designs are all straight out of the natural world, and that is precisely why they work so well in interior settings: they are visually stimulating yet remain harmonious. The iridescent colors are reminiscent of costly jewelry. However, there is also a motive in monochrome look. Several layers of gypsum solidified one after another give a very calm pattern, that recalls the landscape on the moon.

Produced in cooperation with Jan Kath.


Freifrau visits Ines Van Meenen

In our series of interviews we visit people who have furnished their homes with furniture from Freifrau. In this episode we visited Ines Van Meenen in the Hamburg district Blankenese. She fullfilled herself by furnishing a listed Elbe hillside villa. 

For outdoors and indoors: Leyasol.

The design duo HoffmannKahleyssDesign have made the classic model Leya ready to go outside, and the way they did it was to develop a fine, yet weather-resistant wire frame which replicates the shape of the characteristic Leya shell. Large cushions give Leyasol the same yielding, relaxing feel as Leya is known for; what is more, they can easily be removed and stored.

Swinging and Rocking. 

In furniture terms, the swing is nothing less than the definition of happiness: there’s nothing more relaxing than rocking back and forth – and now, you can enjoy these glimpses of weightless bliss at home, too.

Oasis Gobelin

Working with Meisterwerke from Belgium and a tattoo artist from its home town of Lemgo in Germany, we have developed a new Gobelin fabric; that fantasy scene – with a few contemporary details – functions to balance the heaviness of the material, representing not only an exotic fairy-tale from the animal kingdom, but also an opulent oasis in which many animals coexist peacefully. There is a message here, and a philosophy shared by many. The motif chosen to be woven into Gobelin started life as a study for an oil painting by Christian Trzaska, that was commissioned by Art-Director Birgit Hoffmann and graphics team Bertermann-Winters.

The term Gobelin was originally limited to fabrics made in the Manufacture des Gobelins in Paris, whose products had such intricate patterns and were woven with so much care that they were hung on walls as tapestries. Now, the Belgian company Meisterwerke has decided to revive this kind of material, bringing it up to date by including details which, at first sight, don’t seem to fit the overall picture and so attract attention.

A comfortable museum bench

In February 2018, Stephanie Rosenthal was named new director of the Martin-Gropius-Bau, and anyone who enters this historic Berlin structure today will be amazed by the light that now streams through the airy rooms and the courtyard. That is how Stephanie Rosenthal likes space to be, so she had the partition walls taken out and the sticky foil taken off the window panes; the courtyard is now freely accessible and the restaurant and bookshop have been reopened after a make-over.

Recently, we met up with Stephanie Rosenthal, recently appointed jury president for the 58th Venice Bieannale, to find out how a comfortable bench in a museum can change the way we consume works of art.

Furnishers for the G20 Summit social media area

The concept by interior architect Claudia Schwahlen worked with the themes of communication and networking, the selection of suppliers for the space was intended to showcase Germany’s young and innovative companies who are building bridges between tradition and modernity with a sustainable, ecologically friendly approach.

The area was composed of seven spaces which, with their varying design approaches and differing models supplied by Freifrau Manufaktur and Janua, set their own agenda: users could choose between Activity, Relaxation, Networking, Conversation, Meetings, and Development.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to JANUA for another unforgettable cooperation – and for the fantastic photography.

Auction for a good purpose

After this major event the exclusively manufactured furniture by Freifrau for the G20 summit in Hamburg was auctioned for a good purpose. All the proceeds were donated to the facilities of the „Lebenshilfe Landshut“ in Dingolfing and the project „DRINKING WATER FOR 10.000 AFRICANS – EVERY DROP COUNTS“ of the Rotary Club Dingolfing-Landau.

Marla and Rubie at Arendsee Castle

The Uckermark region is known for its nature – an idyll near to Berlin and Leipzig and a real treasure for those seeking relaxation. Almost 400 lakes can be counted and by one of the lakes Castle Arendsee was built. The manor house was completed in 1834 and has been a private residence to the Family Schlippenbach before it became a schoolhouse. Today, it is held in private hand and served as location with Marla and Rubie which have been extended as modell families. Be excited to explore them on the upcoming imm cologne.

Freifrau in the founder series of FAZ

Entrepreneurship in a highly competitive market! Freifrau-CEO Jörg Helweg had a talk with the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) about his new start, initial difficulties and the vision for his company. Special Thanks to journalist Christine Scharrenbroch for this great article!

A Lovestory: Freifrau x Perret Schaad

Asked to describe their unique design signature, the duo behind Perret Schaad talk of elegance, uniqueness, and diversity. Taking their inspiration straight out of everyday life – from the shapes, lights, and objects around them – Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad have built an internationally successful fashion label for strong, independent women who listen to their own definitions of what beautiful is.

As such, Perret Schaad and Freifrau Manufaktur share guiding principles and design philosophies, playing perfectly to each other’s strengths: both are about developing individual aesthetics and new ways of expressing femininity which outlast trend cycles – and neither is afraid to try out experimental approaches to design.


Royal surroundings for Leya & Amelie

From the hurly-burly of Berlin’s inner suburbs, it’s only a short drive out to the peace and quiet of Grunewald. Surrounded by delightful houses, oak-lined avenues, and the embassies of countries as far apart as Luxembourg and Ivory Coast, Grunewald is also home to Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel. From outside, it’s a traditional villa residence with a garden so spacious it could be a park; inside, the five-star hotel is a stylish location with fashion elements and a unique design approach. Combining contemporary style and all the elegance of the last century, it really is an extraordinary environment.

Last month, the hotel’s luxurious music chamber played host to the newest Leya and Amelie models. By adding a range of details to a room, which already features a wealth of fascinating elements, the music chamber was transformed into a unique and inviting photographic backdrop for the new Freifrau campaign.

The Freifrau Manufaktur thanks its long-standing partner JANUA for providing a bunch of tables that complemented the chairs optimally.

The Bückeburg shoot

The Bergbad Bückeburg is a very special lido – and one which celebrated its 50th anniversary. The outdoor pool’s diving tower is also half a century old, but certainly doesn’t look its age. And although the name of the designer is unfortunately unknown, its inverted parabolic shape and striking white colour make it the stand-out piece of this mountain lido (and a great place to get a fantastic view). In short, Bergbad Bückeburg is a real insider’s tip that we found out about thanks to the fact that it is close to Freifrau headquarters in Lemgo.

For a shooting we placed some of our models in the colour range of water there.