Freifrau in bella Italia!

Welcome to our booth during the Salone di Mobile in Milano at Hall 6 Stand E39! We will share your secret news here during the italien days of design 2023. Take a look around!

Welcoming MARIE.

The latest model by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design for Freifrau Manufaktur is more than just a chair: it‘s a statement!

When you sit down on the Freifrau Marie chair, you’ve arrived – arrived in the here and now. The casually crumpled upholstery of its seating shell is nothing short of an invitation to sit down, lean back, and switch off – or to communicate, to exchange ideas, to be social. Either way, the design is open, receptive, like a pair of arms stretched out to give someone familiar a welcoming hug. Yes, Marie is a safe haven.

In design terms, the chair is defined by the relaxed upholstery style of its shell, nestling in a delicate steel-tube frame whose rear bar pinches the back of the cushion along the middle, underscoring Marie’s laid-back appearance. As is the case with Freifrau pieces, there is a variety of fabric and leather coverings available to respond to all tastes, from the classic to the extravagant, and the covering for the shell is zipped on and then screwed to the frame as part of the seat. By the same token, it can be unscrewed and changed – and when it reaches the end of its service life, the chair can easily be separated back out into its individual parts.

NANA Love Seat Petite & Pouf Petite

“Like sitting on a cloud” is the concept behind Hanne Willmann’s Nana collection, which, besides the original chairs, has grown to include a sofa and the Love Seat and Pouf.

All of the Nana pieces share the same blend of elegance, comfort, and sophistication – all including the latest addition to this successful product line: Nana Love Seat Petite. This smaller version of an armchair comes accompanied by the equally scaled-down Nana Pouf Petite, and both pair their smaller size with the same homage to softness and voluminosity as the original Love Seat and Pouf.

For Berlin-based Willmann, the priority was to create a chair whose simplicity did not come at the cost of the highest levels of seating comfort, and with her new Nana Love Seat Petite design, Willmann has indeed succeeded in creating a piece of furniture which, while modest in its space requirements, is an iconic eye-catcher for any interior.

GRACE Lounge Chair High & Low

Grace is putting her feet up. There’s a new addition on the way for Freifrau’s young family, Grace.

Introduced in 2021, the range is now being extended to include two lounge chair models and a footstool. The Grace range – named in honour of the iconic Graces Kelly and Jones – is expanding, with two new models taking it from the dining room into the lounge. Developed by design duo Hoffmann-Kahleyss, the lounge chair is Grace by name, graceful by nature, available with both a low and high backrest – and a footstool if required.

Just like the first Grace models, the lounge chair’s covering of premium taurillon leather, with its characteristically expressive graining and natural patterning, makes each single piece wholly unique. With its robust appearance and finely-poised visible stitches, the leather covering belies the delicate form of the frame and shell, endowing the model with a primal energy. That is Grace: the most authenticform of leather paired with the highest level of comfort. The new Grace Lounge Chair, High and Low, as well as the footstool and both chair model variants, are available in a total of four colours. Its signature steel-tube frame is powder-coated and can be delivered in all Freifrau metal colours and all RAL ranges.

THEIA Bar, Counter & Kitchen Chair

Taking seating to new heights.

With Theia, Sebastian Herkner succeeded in creating a real gem, a jewel in the crown of seating.
The idea behind Theia? That the frame and shell of the chair should meld to form not only a  technical, but an optical whole, too. By designing the frame to wrap itself around the back of the chair – like the ring in which a gemstone is set – he achieved this unity and created a design feature able to stand the test of time. Indeed, with his latest piece, the Theia Bar Armchair, Herkner is applying this concept again, stretching it into the vertical plane and taking it to new heights – to three different heights, to be precise: the Theia Bar Armchair, seat at 82 cm; Theia Counter Armchair, seat at 72 cm, and Theia Kitchen Armchair, seat at 65 cm. All three variants are available with lower or full-height armrests.

The new design is the perfect chair for bars and counters of all kinds, whether in hotels, hospitality locations, or in the home kitchen, where these new, taller Theia variants are set to be jewels in the crown – both in terms of aesthetics and of their unsurpassed level of comfort.
With the same seating shell as the original design, the same luxurious upholstery, and the same striking frame, the Theia Bar Armchairs is bound to be another Herkner design gem in any room.

New Frame for AMELIE & LEYA

The new rotable wooden frame for Amelie & Leya has round legs on which a return mechanism sits in the centre, making the seat shell appear to float above the legs. While the mechanism is only available in black, the chair legs are available in all Freifrau wood colours.