Collection  Kya by  Neuland (Paster and Geldmacher)

Kya Kitchenstool

Part of the Kya family

Design by Neuland (Paster and Geldmacher)
Cover Adora, Kupfer


  • 80 Height
  • 480 Width
  • 230 Length
  • 630 Seat Height


  • Seat Side: Adora, Kupfer

Frame Variant

  • Wire Frame

A stool like a horse saddle.

The design duo `Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher´ has designed a stool on which one should sit in a classic or astride manner.

A good horse saddle offers comfort and stability and allows you to respond effectively to any challenges you may encounter while out with your horse. Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher have taken a long, hard look at this centuries-old piece of craftsmanship and transformed it into a series of seating furniture. You can sit on Kya as you would a traditional chair or straddle it like a saddle. A charming, expressive barstool that’s also ergonomic, encouraging you to switch positions and try out a variety of seating options and thus relieving the back, which is all too often overstressed on one side or the other. Available with wooden or steel frame.

Variability thanks to one-off production

Put your chair together individually. Information and advice on the individual execution of this product possible on request. Use our contact form.

Kya Kitchenstool

Cover: Adora, Ebony; Frame Variant: wooden Frame


3D-product configurator

Make it yours! Combine materials, covers and colors according to your wishes.

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