Collection  Leya by  Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

Leya Grand Lounge Chair

Part of the Leya family

Design by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design
Cover Sahara, Anthracite


  • 880 Height
  • 620 Width
  • 760 Length
  • 470 Seat Height
  • 0 Seat Width
  • 620 Armrest Height


  • Seat Side: Sahara, Anthracite
  • Chesterfield possible

Frame Variant

  • Wire Frame

Hard Shell, Soft Core

The Design-Duo `Hoffmann Kahleyss Design´ has designed a dualistic piece of furniture, as harmonious as yin and yang.

Leya reconciles contradictions in a wonderful way. With its tautly upholstered shell, the chair designed by Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss makes a clear and linear impression from the outside, but you’ll feel the outstanding comfort the moment you sit down. The external padding reveals a soft cushion on the inside for an almost sensory experience.

Variability thanks to one-off production

Put your chair together individually. Information and advice on the individual execution of this product possible on request. Use our contact form.

Leya Grand Lounge Chair

Cover: Sahara, Anthracite;

Leya Grand Lounge Chair

Cover: Sahara, Anthracite;


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