Collection  Leya by  Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

Leya Wingback Swingseat

Part of the Leya family

Design by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design
Cover Riga, Tamaris


  • 810 Height
  • 700 Width
  • 900 Length


  • Seat Side: Riga, Tamaris
  • Back Side: Cayenne , Merlot
  • Chesterfield possible

Hard Shell, Soft Core

The Design-Duo `Hoffmann Kahleyss Design´ has designed a dualistic piece of furniture, as harmonious as yin and yang.

The Leya Wingback Swing Seat provides moments of weightlessness in your own four walls. The lounge chair designed by Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss hangs on two sturdy black ropes from the ceiling and anyone who rocks back and forth on it is overcome with almost childlike feelings of happiness. And that without sacrificing the seating comfort that is characteristic of Leya. Like all furniture in the model series, this unique design object also consists of a linear shell that is tightly upholstered on the outside and reveals a fluffy cushion on the inside. An almost sensual experience. The Wingback Swing Seat is available with various high-quality fabric and leather covers. The two retaining cables are stylishly and securely attached to the seat shell with metal eyelets and leather straps.

Technical note: Moving parts should be checked regularly by their users for signs of wear.

3D-product configurator

Make it yours! Combine materials, covers and colors according to your wishes.

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