Collection  Leyasol by  Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

Leyasol Lounge Couch Swing Seat

Part of the Leyasol family

Design by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design
Cover Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Beldi


  • 680 Height
  • 1640 Width
  • 850 Length
  • 0 Seat Height
  • 0 Seat Width
  • 0 Armrest Height


  • Seat Side: Lopi (for In- & Outdoor), Beldi

Frame Variant

  • Wire Frame

Stylish outdoor living

With the introduction of the Leyasol swing seat, Freifrau is making another statement for stylish outdoor living. The characteristic steel wire frame, available in a range of finishes from bronze and brass to all RAL Classic shades, lends a delicate elegance to the Leyasol Update: - Sun Lounger and Hollywood swing bench, officially known as the Lounge Couch Swing Seat. It offers space for up to three people to enjoy hours together in the open air - whether it's for stimulating conversation or simply watching the clouds.

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