Kollektion  Marla by  Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

Marla Armchair Low

Part of the Marla family

Design by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design


  • 800 Height
  • 580 Width
  • 610 Length
  • 490 Seat Height
  • 470 Seat Width
  • 560 Armrest Height

Frame Variant

  • steel Frame

Chair or easy chair? Marla is a blend of the two.

The Marla model with the working title “cushion chair” is light and portable like a chair and cozy like an easy chair.

Who could possibly resist slumping into this soft, spacious, and quilted padding? Once you have, warmth and comfort will embrace you, much like a down coat. Armrests at full or half height provide support. The seat shell can be upholstered in leather or textiles, with the option to mix and match materials on the inside and outside. The graceful harp-string wire frame is a unique touch. Marla is also available with an elegant sled base or four sturdy wooden legs.

Variability thanks to one-off production

Put your chair together individually. Information and advice on the individual execution of this product possible on request. Use our contact form.

Marla Armchair Low

Cover: Opera, Pepper; Frame Variant: Wire Frame

Marla Armchair Low

Frame Variant: harp frame

Marla Armchair Low

Frame Variant: wooden Frame

Marla Armchair Low

Frame Variant: swivel wooden frame with auto-returnmechanism


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